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"Discover My Success-formula
By Which You Can Give, With More Pleasure, A Valuable Meaning
To Your Hobby And Without
The Purchase Of Expensive

John de JonghDear drawing and painting-friends,

My name is John de Jongh, born in 1935 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but since 2000 living and working in picturesque Greece....

Originated from the "photo and Film-world" working in my own business as a movie-makerfor the making of for instance in medical and documentary productions and activities in the Public-Relations department, I sold my business In 1974 and have been able to take the liberty and commit myself entirely to the art of painting and earn my living with it.

uitzichtI developed my talent, also by accepting orders of companies and organizations and the painting of "business-paintings". Of these are made art-reproductions and spread worldwide by the order of multinationals. My experience as an artist for years on end and the with it gained knowledge, I like to share with anyone who wants to develop the drawing and painting in a pleasurable way.

"Under Extensive Accompaniment"

With clear and easy to follow examples, I want to show, with my exclusive course, that, each talent, great or small, can be developed, provided that some time to practice will be taken. Without purchase of expensive and unnecessary exclusive materials.

"No Expensive Course!"

This of 10 lessons consisting drawing- and painting-course includes 5 drawing and 5 painting lessons.

The subjects regarding the drawing-lessons !

SamenvattingBasic and material-knowledge of drawing
SamenvattingExercises to acquire a steady hand
SamenvattingSimple anatomy
SamenvattingThe principles of the basic-perspective and
Samenvattingmaterial-expression with light- and shadow-effects



"The Only Materials Necessary For The Drawing-lessons Are:
Ordinary Copying-paper A Pencil Or Automatic Pencil With Cartridge 2B And A Piece Of Eraser"



The 5 painting-lessons consist of :

SamenvattingBasic and material-knowledge of water coloring
SamenvattingThe making of a watercolor "from nature"
SamenvattingPainting in acrylic
SamenvattingPainting in oils and
SamenvattingThe Painting of a "still-life in oils"

The materials you need you'll find in the lesson.

bullet What can i teach you ?

By bringing clarity in my examples and subjects, thanks to my very long experience as a painter also completed with the knowledge of the manufacturing of instruction films I have been able to help develop with good success, the hobby of many a student.

bullet What makes this method so unique for you ?

The great ease, to follow the lessons, in peace and quiet, with the help of your PC, to interrupt or repeat endlessly, as often as you want.

bullet What i can do, you can possibly do also !

I was not born a wonder-child, so I'm not a human wonder, but have lived the biggest part of my life, building up a lot of experience and am willing and able to pass this on to anyone, in particular the next generations and prove, that a wonderful hobby like this enriches your life.

"My Step By Step Plan Teaches You To Draw And Paint In An Easy And Pleasant Way!"


check-groenMaterial-science and practices for a "steady hand".

Lesson 1
Development of a steady hand through simple exercises. Drawing straight lines without using a ruler, or circles in an improvised way. O yes, I'll most certainly teach you all of these things and much more, like the working of graphite and....The drawing of a still-life and a drawing outdoors.

check-groenThe principles of simple perspecitive from the position of: eye-level-, birds-eye and frog's eye view.

Lesson 2
A professional often sees at first glance where you went wrong. That's why.... I'll teach you the simple perspective, to make quick sketches from the position of the eye-level , bird's-eye and frog's-eye view and we'll make together a drawing in perspective.

check-groen Simple basic anatomy and composition of the face.

Lesson 3
Usually, every human being has, a head with eyes, ears, nose and mouth, more or less in the same place. Yet, one cannot find 2 people, a hundred % alike. I'll teach you to see the build of a human body and face in the correct proportions and how easy it is to get the right reflection by applying these instructions.

check-groen Material-expression in a still-life, how do you accomplish that ?

Lesson 4
Learning by observing is my motive. Step by step I will show you everything. Draw along with me and.... going too fast? Stop the film, rewind and watch it again, if necessary several times. Practice makes perfect, is not a meaningless saying, but practicing can be done also in a pleasant and easy way. Let's all go outdoors and I'll show that you can do it as well.

check-groen Still-life drawing and a drawing outdoors.

Lesson 5
A drawing outdoors from nature ? Delightful, being able to work at liberty, on a beautiful day with a pleasant temperature. It's good to have learned how to do that and where you have to pay attention to, to reach a good result. Now you can make a drawing in the correct perspective, with a nice incidence of light and the proper use of graphite.

"You Too Can Paint !"

check-groenEven the basic principles of painting in
watercolors i'll teach you in a simple way !johnles2

Lesson 6
We start with the purchase of the materials and I'll teach you how to use them, completed with the several tricks of the trade in order to reach a beautiful result. Of course, the image and color-perspective will not be forgotten with that. Also the so important skill of the leave blank technique will be attended to extensively. Do paint the exercise along with me and.... going too fast, set your own pace, stop the PC and repeat the part you want to see again. Technique at your service.

check-groen To make a watercolor outdoors from an existing subject in addition with your own fantasy and "poetic license"

Lesson 7
I will teach you painting in watercolors from objects as desired, in complete freedom of interpretation on my part and also of your part. I'll show you how and with your own fantasy to make a story and apply changes in your image without damaging your creation.

check-groen Painting in acrylics, easy, fast and an excellent medium for quick studies.

Lesson 8
In this lesson I will deal with, beside the purchase of the materials, the technique of painting in this particular paint on water-base. We shall work with 7 colors only and you will learn, with the mixing of those colors to reach an unexpected surprising result.

check-groenGetting acquainted with painting in oils !

Lesson 9
The of old well-known method of painting in oils is still my favorite method. In this I find the fullest color-emotion and handling method, which I can emanate in my work. I would like to share this with you, so first of all I will deal with the choice of materials and after that we'll start with a sea-view. I start from a fantasy of a photograph I took along the way. We can take that liberty, but we are not going to copy a photograph, of course.

check-groen Last but not least.... the still-life !

Lesson 10
Together we paint a classic still-life, my favorite activity. We collect the objects and build a still-life, provide a nice lighting and start to work. Try, at your own pace, you know how, to paint along and make your own interpretation. Observe the technique and enjoy the refinement of painting in oils.

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Together We Shall Achieve A Fantastic Result You Can Count On That Receive Now Direct Access To This Complete Step By Step Training Program !

The teaching methods have been proven during workshops given in the past. Presently, I only give master-classes to any interested party, one person at the time, so I can give 100% individual attention. Information about these 7 days private lessons is exclusively available on demand.


Samenvatting Students who followed my master-class with success were willing to pay several thousand euro's for it.
Samenvatting The 5 online drawing-lessons were offered as a DVD pack for € 197,-.
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       at the price of € 297,-.
Samenvatting Listening to my audience I have decided not to take the DVD packs in production again, but bring online instead,
       the entire course, consisting of 10 lessons, what would result in a total amount € 247,-

But............ therefore i have a special offer for you !

Samenvatting If you purchase the course now, you'll get the entire 
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Samenvatting If the lessons do not fulfill the promises, I would rather
       give back your money.

Samenvatting However I am convinced that I have been able to help
       you in a positive way.

Samenvatting I hope that the course is so much to your satisfaction
       that you will tell every interested party.

Special Offer
From € 247,- now € 97,-

"Watch Below Some Reactions Of Students"

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 "Hello my name is Hans, as an autodidact painter i lacked some things in my technique. John showed me in his drawings- and paintingcourse some useful things, of which i did not realize the existence. I'm very pleased with his coaching and the pleasant side of this course is, that John gives you the opportunity to develop your own style, without leaving his mark on you."



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I am glad to follow John’s drawing-and painting-course and learn a lot from it. Besides it is very pleasant and he gives useful instructions. My husband himself is an architect, so he also knows about drawing. He is becoming a little bit envious lately with the progress I made."


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"Hello, my name is Margreet, I recently purchased John’s drawing- and painting-course and this is an excellent opportunity to follow the lessons in my own tempo. In a clear way and useful, easy to follow instructions, John proves that with not too many colors or unnecessary expensive materials, you can achieve what you want. I am very happy with the results."


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Hello, my name is Jeanette, I also follow John's drawing- and painting-course. This method is very easy and in combination with my laptop I can decide my own tempo at any time I want. I learn to make drawings and watercolors in the right image and color-perspective. It make's my hobby complete. I'm happy with the things I learned and I start also with the lessons Painting in oilcolors.



"My sincere thank you goes to all those, whom cooperated in the making of my drawing- and painting course and for the confidence you have in me.

I wish you a lot of success with the continuing development
of your talent."

With kind regards, John de Jongh